Monday, May 21, 2012

Late Night Trailers: Skyfall

As soon as one 007 film is released we begin to look ahead to the next one.  What will the title be?  Who will be cast as the villain?  Where will they find the girls this time?  Will they re-cast our beloved MI6 agent?  Skyfall has been in a limbo of title reveals, font choices, and poster teasers for what seems like ages, but we finally have a teaser for the third Bond film starring Daniel Craig: November's Skyfall.  This time, it sounds like we'll be getting a little more of Dame Judi Dench's M in the picture (I know one person who will be psyched about this), as the film supposedly revolves around 007 settling a score in her past.  Oh yeah, and don't forget: Javier Bardem is the villain and Sam Mendes is at the helm.  Boom.


  1. Here's hoping Daniel's Bond will do what a REAL spy does and gets it on with Bardem's villian to 'squeeze' out some intel, as Craig has said in the past he thinks it makes sense if Bond were bisexual (at least during working hours).

    1. Oh, this made me laugh so hard. I'd be all about it.


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