Monday, May 21, 2012

This Morning...

...I feel very much like this.  Also, there's never a bad reason to post a slow motion video of Alan Rickman having a slow motion dramatic tea time.


  1. it seems incredibly pointless, yet I couldn't stop myself from watching it until the end! I guess it's the alan rickman effect. when he looked at the camera, it took me while to figure out if he was falling in love with me, reaching for my soul, or just stretching. then of course, he teared the whole thing apart, so...
    btw, did you find the instructions I provided helpful? I never heard back!

  2. It is, and no...I never saw the instructions! Were they emailed or left as a comment?

    1. I emailed them to address on your "contact us" page! If you didn't get it let me know, I'll send it again, or post as a comment, whatever you prefer.

    2. That's so weird, no, I definitely don't have them (even checked the spam filter). It sounds like you probably used (though you can also use, which should have totally worked. Super strange, but thanks!

  3. I sent it again, just now, to


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