Thursday, May 3, 2012

Under 250: Albatross

Albatross is like the literate teen film companion piece to 2010's Tamara Drewe.  Emelia - a smart, pretty, too-wise-for-her-17-years young writer (Jessica Brown Findlay) -takes up a housekeeping job at a little seaside English inn owned by a bored, trapped family.  The matriarch is an ex-actress (Julia Ormond), the patriarch is a floundering novelist (Sebastian Koch), and their daughter is a bored to death kid just waiting for someone like Emelia to rush in, shake things up, and push her outside her comfort zone.  That she does.  Albatross is a variation on a story we've heard time and time again.  It thrives on the used up tropes of the edgy, indie, coming-of-age story.  There will be affairs and mildly creepy seductions, there will be vaguely slutty outfits and pregnancy scares, there will be parties, leering middle aged men, and fumbling relationships.  Ultimately, what you stay for are the elements you haven't quite seen before.  Here, the light melodrama is aided by the general likability of Brown Findlay and her unbridled, snappish intelligence.   Where the film itself is a heavily flawed piece of work, her character is a bright bit of odd honesty.  Emelia is the rare teenage jailbait character who doesn't seem like overdone caricature, and she's the unlikely source of the film's comfortably numb warmth.

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