Thursday, June 7, 2012

Late Night Trailers: Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph only made it to the honorable mentions on my list of most anticipated movies for 2012.  In part, I didn't completely believe it would actually be released this year.  With the jumble of information leaked on it, too, I wasn't completely confident it would be able to jump over the hurdle of being just another half-considered Disney grab for a young male audience.  With the release of the trailer, I think most will agree that this is looking like a far more substantial piece of entertainment than some of the company's more recent animated outings.  And by more substantial I mean that it looks kind of flat out awesome.  John C. Reilly lends his voice to the title character in a film that appears to embrace the nostalgic elements of gaming culture instead of trying to simply adapt a pre-existing storyline, and seems to be picking up on successful elements from Pixar collabs like Toy Story and Monsters, Inc.  A Pac-Man ghost leading a support group?  Oh, hell yes.


  1. The idea of it just screams great! Plus, Reilly's voice is well suited for animation.

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