Tuesday, June 26, 2012

RIP: Nora Ephron

It's never pleasant when you turn to the internet in search of an answer to a random question and find a bit of bad news.  Tonight, I was saddened to read that Nora Ephron, a writer/director beloved for the quick-wit she displayed across essays, fiction, and screenplays has passed away after a struggle with leukemia at a mere 71 years old.  While Ephron's sharp personality earned her a reputation in some circles as a sort of contemporary Dorothy Parker [source], I'll have to stick to thanking her for that famed trio of decade defining romantic comedies.  I grew up on Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail, eventually graduating to the undeniably classic When Harry met Sally..., and while my movie-going memories are nothing compared to all that Ephron accomplished during her lifetime, I've gotta thank her for them.  So, cheers to Nora Ephron for merging the old school screwball with the new school modern romance and for all those hours spent with mom on the couch.  

Check out a short sampling of Ephron's New Yorker pieces here.


  1. Such sad news! Oh how I loved Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in those two movies.. both so sweet and cute. They don't make romantic comedies like that anymore. I'm going to miss that..



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