Thursday, August 2, 2012

Late Night Trailer Round-Up: The Master, Cloud Atlas, & Life of Pi

I have been in a crazy-busy frenzy and substituting nonsensical tweeting (or twittering, as I like to call it) for actual posts of substance.  So, of course, I have missed out on the discussion of the obviously very important trailer releases of three massive, complicated, Oscar seasony movies:  Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, and a double-header of book-lust "there's-no-way-they-can-make-that-a-good-movie" films - The Life of Pi and Cloud Atlas.

First up, after a whole lot of doubt as to whether or not this film would even manage to score a release this year, PTA dropped the official trailer for The Master and followed it with word that the movie was slated for release IN SEPTEMBER.  Which, ahem, basically meant that I freaked out and sent like a WHOLE BUNCH OF EMAILS DETAILING HOW EXCITED I WAS ABOUT THIS TO PEOPLE WHO ABSOLUTELY DO NOT CARE AND WHO LOOKED AT ME ALL LIKE SRSLY?  WHO IS PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON, ANYWAY?  And then I was like: why are we even friends?  What is going on here?  How do I know people who aren't enthusiastic about this?  Considering how hypnotic PTA managed to make a little movie about a greedy oilman, I'm more than willing to sign on to whatever slow burn he has planned for the cult origins at work in The Master. 

Then there's the Wachowski's curious attempt to adapt the complicated narrative structure of David Mitchell's epic Cloud Atlas.  I'll confess: I didn't finish that book (I'll have to pick it up again), but knowing what I know about the interlinking of the various stories within its pages, if the Wachowski's can manage to translate it visually it will be a feat worthy of much discussion.  For now, though, I'm mostly puzzled by how milquetoast the casting is.

Finally, check out the big budget visuals on Ang Lee's adaptation of Yann Martel's Life of Pi.  That's some shiny business, yet, while I found the novel quite lovely all those years ago, the earlier "scene" teaser and this official trailer haven't completely sold me on the story's transition to the screen.  The written themes were broad, and the trailer is excessively low on dialogue and a little too high on the attempted evocation of our pathos.  Ang Lee is a more than capable director, but will this float?  


  1. I have to say I'm not very impressed with Life of Pi trailer, doesn't look like my thing at all and it doesn't appear to have much substance. The Master trailer is great!

    1. Life of Pi looks a little too glossy and doesn't seem to fit in with Ang Lee's past work. Still, I have some hope for it. If he can manage to convincingly anchor and sustain the dreamlike quality, it could work.


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