Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Mixtape: The Orwells + 'Carrie'

Sometimes I get ideas and I just decide to go with them.  With the arrival of October comes a Halloween-style ADD in which every thought is punctuated by stupid shit like "I NEED A COSTUME" or "DO THEY MAKE WIGS LIKE THAT" or "PUUUUUUUUMPKINS" or "WHAT IF MICHAEL MYERS TOOK OFF HIS MASK AND HE WAS MICHAEL SHANNON?"  So, today I decided that whenever I had a second I would try and be minimally festive on the internets and post some seasonal musical stylings. Then I was like: this is a film blog, so clearly the musical stylings must be matched with a movie (and minimal commentary).

So, I ran across the premiere of "Halloween All Year" by Chicago garage band The Orwells on Pitchfork this afternoon and obviously had to continue along this path. The Orwells are apparently a band of 17-year old suburban kids, a little rough around the edges, perhaps, but certainly ambitious.  Pair the glittery slasher track "Halloween All Year" with the telekinetic misery of poor, poor Carrie White, serve bloody. 

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