Friday, November 16, 2012

Under 250: LOL

Keeping with the YA theme today, I might as well own up to having watched LOL. BTW, guys, did you even remember/know that this movie was a thing that existed before I reminded you? Cause...yeah. Billed as the Miley Cyrus attempt at making an "I'm-all-grown-up-and-so-not-Hannah-Montana" edgy indie drama, LOL is a staid, relatively juvenile affair.  Based on a French film of the same name, LOL wants so desperately to be a free-spirited, sexually liberated trip through the confusing world of technologically enhanced adolescent relationships that it comes off as accidentally preachy and out of date upon arrival.  Cyrus plays Lola, a girl burned by a boy she thought was the love of her life at the start of a new school year. Lola quickly realizes she's actually in love with her BFF Kyle (Douglas Booth), and new dramas begin.  Meanwhile, the film tries to parallel the courtship rituals of Lola's generation with the attempts of her divorced mother (Demi Moore).  It's weird, has an obnoxious voice-over narration, and ultimately tremendously boring.  LOL reads as a story lost in translation and sanitized to sit comfortably at the PG-13 level.  It desperately wants to be an extended episode of the first season of the UK Skins, but manages to be bland, cancelled episode of the MTV version. Empty, clunky, and obnoxiously melodramatic.


  1. It's funny you say you feel this flick is dated as I remember roviding script coverage for it way back just after the Hannah Montana movie came out. I remember it being horrible. I'd be interested to see it just based on the fact that you noted it is aimed at a PG-13 audience because the version I read was closer to an R

  2. I really enjoyed the original French version so we gave this 5 minutes of our time. Worst 5 minutes ever. Your review is perfectly spot on from what I saw.


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