Friday, November 16, 2012

Will the Next Supernatural Teen Saga Please Step Up?

Twilight is finally at an end, and while I doubt very much I'll be seeking out the closing chapter to Breaking Dawn, I am interested to see what will fill the supernatural void left by the vampire series. Two possible contenders will be vying for trailer space before the opening credits roll this weekend, both based on immensely successful young adult novels.  The first is Beautiful Creatures, the second is City of Bones, the opening to the supposedly engrossing Mortal Instruments saga.  Beautiful Creatures already had a teaser of sorts floating out in the world, but this new look ups the Southern Gothic camp that made the book surprisingly appealing.  I'll own up to having read book one, and I'll admit that when I did I found it a very entertaining jaunt chock full of witches, overblown spells, and the bombastic externalization of teen angst.  That said, it's not a great book, and it's very doubtful it will be a great movie, but it does have guilty pleasure written all over it, not to mention a strong supporting cast featuring Viola Davis, Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons, and Emmy Rossum.
City of Bones, on the other hand, is a series I know very little about.  I worked with some folks who were completely addicted to it, and from what I understand it's about battling half-angels and demons who operate in a parallel world most humans are incapable of seeing. Which, of course, means there has to be one special Bella Swann type who can see it and then all of the supernatural business goes full-throttle and shit gets crazy.  Mirror Mirror's Lily Collins plays that character here, and it would appear that Jamie Campbell Bower is the warring angel she gets mixed up with. Add some Jared Harris and Jonathan Rhys Meyers into the mix and it actually looks like a pretty fun summer adventure film.  I could get behind this, guys. It's definitely possible.

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