Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Under 250: Step Up: Revolution

I've long been of the opinion that the Step Up series is basically like pornography: you don't watch them for the plot, you don't watch them for the characters. You're here for the dancing. That's it. Early on in 2012 I watched the entire heavily choreographed series as a promise to a friend and because I'd fully intended on writing a Yes, Really post about the whole she-bang.  I have to admit, I was fairly entertained.  Though I wound up checking out or fast-forwarding through a significant amount of talking sequences - especially each entry's seemingly obligatory "tender moment somewhere near water"scene - I found the dancing impressive enough to keep up with the otherwise wholly forgettable films. There's some seriously well-plotted choreography and photography in each (the end of Step Up 3 is particularly memorable), but with Step Up Revolution imma go ahead and suggest it may be time to officially throw in the towel.  Each sequel is a retread, but this one felt cloyingly abrasive in its cyclical rehashing, and the dancing, while still decent, seems to fall back on the 'guerrilla street art' edge instead of translating its raw physicality into the cinematography. The actors, too, may be the worst yet.  They're wooden, cheesy, and incapable of translating their supposed passions to the camera (even through dance).  Stick with your gut: don't bother.

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