Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Late Night Trailers: 'Her' + 'The Counselor'

There's a double-header of fresh trailers deserving our attention today, and though I was perhaps more entertained by Stephen Colbert's ebullient Daft Punk dance moves, these two films both look like must-sees.  The first is Spike Jonze's return to the director's chair, Her, a technology-driven love story set in the not-too-distant future.  Joaquin Phoenix reunites with The Master co-star Amy Adams (and a whole cast of cool ladies) to play a lonely guy who seems to have an emotional connection with his computer's operating system.  I'm guessing we're in for a fair amount of melancholy here, but we'll see when Her opens November 20.On a rather different note, the first look at Ridley Scott and author Cormac McCarthy's collaboration, The Counselor, has dropped as well. McCarthy pens the script here, and Michael Fassbender plays the title character, a respected lawyer who embarks on a little dalliance into the drug business. Scott has a tendency to make his thrillers a touch too overblown (I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking American Gangster ran about 40 min too long), but The Counselor has a pedigree that cannot be ignored, and a cast to match. Fassbender is supported by Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz, and will be out on October 25.


  1. The trailer for Her looks charming. I never imagined Joaquin Phoenix to be a melancholy kind of guy, but he looked good for the role.

    1. At this point, I'm pretty sure he can make himself into anything. He's scary good...

  2. Two flicks I'm really looking forward to. Fassbender looks perfect in The Counselor, as does Phoenix in Her. High expectations for these two.


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