Monday, January 6, 2014

Guest Post: In Which Tryst is Queen...

In the midst of the all-powerful polar vortex consuming Chicago, I offer you a guest post from my friend Tryst (@idylltryst).  She's here to distract us from the subzero temperatures with a look back at the Bollywood-influences of her fabulous wedding, chock full of pretty pictures and some serious jewelry. 

We recently got back the pictures from my sister's wedding. It made me nostalgic. But because I am a bit narcissistic, it was my wedding I was thinking about, not hers.

I didn't have a fairy tale wedding planned when I was 5. Instead, I was a late bloomer on that front and didn't start day dreaming about the big day until high school. Not being allowed to go to school dances (no, not even prom) meant my girlish desires to dress up had to be fueled somewhere else. So, I began to day dream and decided to ignore the fact that there was no boy on the horizon. This was before Pinterest, so my resources weren't as vast as they could have been, but I changed my mind constantly. When I did find my prince we decided not to waste any time and were married after a quick 6 month engagement. Good thing I was prepared.
I was all about the dress, the hair, the makeup the jewelry...the fun stuff. Growing up on a steady diet of Bollywood movies I had a lot of ideas tucked away in my archive of ideas. Hours spent pouring over the details in pictures and film and a so-quick-I-could-barely-breathe-trip to Pakistan I had the fairy tale dress. But, I wasn't content to just be a princess, I needed to be a queen.

Jodhaa Akbar is an epic about a Mughal emperor who weds a Hindu princess for political reasons in the 16th century. Enter a clash of cultures and religions; and throw in a war. They fall in love and change the course of an empire. Lavish sets, even more lavish costumes and heartfelt romantic songs made for a great movie that I have watched quite a few times. And I knew I wanted something inspired by the look and feel of the movie. I got lucky in that a friend of my mother-in-law knew someone who worked on the jewelry for the movie. So, that was settled. Next the dress.

Thank God for my aunts (who run NS creations). We went to the bazaar every day I was in Pakistan...sometimes multiple times in one day. We had to buy the fabric, get it dyed, talk to the tailors, decide on embroidery patterns. We did the same for my mother, sister and mother-in-law. And I did it all in less than two weeks. My mother and sister went to Pakistan a few months later to visit family and pick up the clothes. 

Fast forward to the big day and I was staring down at my husband and father as they preformed the nikah, feeling like a queen indeed.

And now I leave you with my favorite song from the movie: Jashn-e-Bahara

Our guest columnist and special fashion consultant Tryst is your one-woman guide to filmtastic styling, easy to spot on the sartorial street because of her excellent taste in tutus and expertise balancing in ridiculous footwear. With a degree in English and Biology, she is officially certified to make up both words and diseases, but prefers to make fashion judgments. While she does enjoy curling up on the couch with a movie and her English husband, she will be the first to tell you that pajamas belong on the inside…not outside…of your abode.  She blogs about real life things at Pond Crossings.

*photo credit: The Way We Click Photography

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