Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pop Candy Arcade: The Songs of 2017, Pt. 2 (51-100)

And now for Round 2 in the long haul...

51. “Narkopop 1” / GAS Round 2 begins with experimental dread noise that plays like the score to a sci-fi film that exists only in your nightmares.
52. “It’s the Light” / Gavin Turek Bright, synth-filled Los Angeles disco coming your way.

53. “Tigerman” / Goldfrapp Silver Eye is a return to form for Goldfrapp; a merger of the cinematic qualities of Felt Mountain with seductive, slinky electro-touch of Supernature featuring Goldfrapp's always interesting animal imagery. I am here for it.

54. “Strobelight” / Gorillaz ft. Peven Everett Gorillaz returned with a wealth of collaborations this year, but it's the track with the little-known Peven Everett that proved to be the most irresistible.

55. “Galaxies Like Grains of Sand” / Hampshire & Foat Like AIR, but somehow slightly heavier? A foggy version of AIR? Get me a cocktail.

56. “In Between” / Hand Habits Lo-fi bedroom pop that hits just the right down note.

57. “Press Enter to Exit” / The Horrors One of the places we find the resurgence of a certain type of one-hit-wonder 90s sound. Fuzzy, jangly beats that sound like the perfect addition to a mixtape.

58. “Silences” / Inga Mauer Best use of static noise. A+.

59. “Diving Woman” / Japanese Breakfast Michelle Zauner's sound has become more expansive. We were waiting for this.

60. “War on Peace” / The Jesus and Mary Chain As much as I love the repetitive pop of "All Things Pass", this is pure aging rock star glory. Anxious, itching to a build that explodes.
61. “Holy Child” / Jlin Acquired taste noise, I'm not going to lie to you.

62. “Walls of Silence” / John Maus Sometimes I'm very over John Maus' performance art thing. Then I remember that he makes exceptional pop songs. Let's dance.

63. “You’re So Cool” / Jonathan Bree I'd never heard of Bree. Then I watched a few YouTube videos. Then I had difficulty deciding which track was most deserving.

64. “Cosoco” / Juana Molina In Argentina, Juana Molina's claim to fame is (apparently) as a comedic actress. I didn't know that, but, uh, her music is pretty damn good.

65. “Beneath the Spring” / Julia Lucille Dreamy folk made to reverberate across an impossibly open space.

66. “An Intention” / Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Warped soundscapes, a well-timed stretch.

67. “Truth” / Kamasi Washington Somehow Kamasi Washington makes jazz that makes genre disbelievers second guess themselves. I'm mostly just here because it's lovely.

68. “Grafts” / Kara-Lis Coverdale Let me talk to you about how all the best electronic, semi-symphonic compositions are made by international ladies. It's true. Coverdale is one of them, and "driven by a patient devotion to sonic afterlife."

69. “Za Oknom Vesna” / Kedr Livanskiy Soviet electro techno pop, and Kedr Livanskiy's second year running on the list.


72. “Anxi” (ft. Jenny Hval)  / Kelly Lee Owens Owens perfectly blended a collection of subgenres and musical impulses for her debut album, dark-electro and bedroom dream pop emerge as the most apparent influences, and the results are haunting.
73. “Throwing Lines” / Kelly Lee Owens See above.

74. “1984, Primero, Ultimo” / Kelman Duran ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit.

75. “HUMBLE.” / Kendrick Lamar oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiit.

76. “Dum Surfer” / King Krule I'm a fan of King Krule so long as the doses are small enough that I can imagine Ian Curtis instead of a Muppet, "Dum Surfer" highlights the former and latter aspects of his voice pretty perfectly, IMO.

77. “Kill My Baby Tonight” / L.A. Witch Have you accepted L.A. Witch into your life yet? Get on it.

78. “White Mustang” / Lana Del Rey Look, you know I'm going to pull an LDR track. Yeah, shocking, I went for the one with the car.

79. “Moontalk” / Laurel Halo Another classically trained electro composer, here to prove my earlier point. This is delightful.

80. “I Used To” / LCD Soundsystem One of those songs you can post for just about anything so long as you're in a deeply pessimistic place about it.

81. “tonite” / LCD Soundsystem I mean, I really just love them. All I really want is to just wander a karaoke bar rambling like James Murphy. And I have. And it was great.
82. “Money” / Leikeli47 Leikeli47 is a mysterious figure in a ski mask, and she's also making completely infectious, super fun music.

83. “Wash & Set” / Leikeli47 Really. I couldn't pick one. This song is great.

84. “Neon Guts” / Lil Uzi Vert ft. Pharrell Williams Lil Uzi Vert is a Marilyn Manson-listening, goth pop rapper, and I have no idea where that influence is on this song, but all of these details frankly make me like him a lot

85. “The Night David Bowie Died” / Lilly Hiatt Well. This is as close to full-blown country as I get. But, like, the subject of this song is pretty close to a country song pain I get.

86. “Bungl (Like a Ghost)” (ft. Jenny Hval) + “Under Trees” / Lindstrom Yes. These are two separate songs BUT I would argue that they play best as one continuous track that allows the pristine cemetery disco of "Bungl" to rise again into a giant, looming dance beast that showcases EXACTLY what Hans-Peter Lindstrom does best.

87. “Sweet” / Little Dragon Again. Swedes. Pop music. What could go wrong?

88. “Stand Up!” (Pangaea’s Mix) / Loleatta Holloway HOUSE DIVA FOR THE WIN. HYPE. HYPE. HYPE.
89. “When the Water’s Cold” / Lone Taxidermist Lone Taxidermist sounds like what would happen if you injected Fever Ray with glitter and hung up a mirrorball.

90. “The Louvre” / Lorde "I overthink your punctuation use..."

91. “Homemade Dynamite” / Lorde "Blowing shit up with homemade d-d-d-dynamite..."

92. “Camile from OHM Makes Me Feel Loved” / Machine Woman Starts off cold and mechanical, expands into something surprisingly warm and luxurious.

93. “Violent Denial” / Madonnatron Let me just copy and paste this from their Bandcamp page, ok? "Much in the manner a devotional feline will proudly massacre vermin, leaving it's sacrificial remains to fetter your hallway carpet, we bring you Madonnatron." SOLD.

94. “Tailwhip” / Men I Trust You're listening to this and you're like. Ok. Then you're bobbing. Then it's summer. Then you're like oh is that where we're going? And you go there and you're like, yesssssss.

95. “Spectrum” / Mhysa Come through, Mhysa.

96. “T-Shirt” / Migos If for nothing else than the way "white" is added after "same color t-shirt", which cracks me up.

97. “Volumes” / Minor Science Like a stereo test pattern you can actually dance to.

98. “Click and Yr Mine” / Miss World Bratty punk-pop at its finest.

99. "Make Out in My Car" / Moses Sumney Just. So. Lush.

100. "Marilyn" / Mount Kimbie & Micachu A spring jam. A summer jam. A fall jam. A winter jam. A SONG FOR ALL SEASONS.

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