Sunday, December 30, 2018

Pop Candy Arcade: The Songs of 2018, Pt. 2 (26-50)

26: "L-Over" / / U.S. Girls: Meg Remy's swagger sells this song about cryptic endings, and it's pretty likely you'll see U.S. Girls on this list more than once

27: "Licking An Orchid" / / Yves Tumor ft. James K.: A song that manages to be bodied and uncanny simultaneously, magic

28: "Fake I.D." / / Riton + Kah-Lo: A bop, plain and simple.

29: "Mother Maybe" / / Kadhja Bonet: A gorgeous, summer breeze of a track punctuated with bursts of anxiety

30:"1999" / / Charli XCX + Troye Sivan: Pure Eurodance, 90s nostalgia that's catchy as hell and perfect for a living room dance party

 31: "Destroyer" / / Lala Lala: A song that goes from very good to great in the quick, upwards jolt of the chorus.

32: "Je Vulesse" / / Nu Guinea: For me, this is the sonic equivalent of an anti-depressant. In love in seconds

33: "QUE NO SALGA LA LUNA - Cap.2: Boda" / / Rosalía: High drama, hypnotic flamenco, and the arrival of an artist, fully formed.

34: "Kong" / / Neneh Cherry: A protest song with gorgeous vocals and a bassline that's pure 🔥🔥🔥

35: "Over and Out" / / Nine Inch Nails: There are points at which Bad Witch sounds like an industrial Blackstar, which is high praise from me, but it's the whirling escalation of the closing track that proved one of the

36: "Somebody Else" / / Fatima: Modern soul over chopped-up samples, a battle between coarse and smooth

37: "We Are Going Nowhere" / / DJ Healer: The release games and rarity of these albums pisses me off a bit, but this record needs to be recognized.

38: "The Ghost Ship" / / Farao: Eccentric electro-pop that pulses, sparkles, and spirits you away

39: "Drunk in LA" / / Beach House: Every Beach House song is a dream of some kind, and this one is pure sensation.

40: "You Should Believe" / / Kuniyuki Takahashi: A hypnotic soundscape, a long trip.

41: "I Like It" / / Cardi B, Bad Bunny + J Balvin: You can try to resist this song of the summer, but why would you? It's just a delight.

42: "Total Football" / / Parquet Courts: This band has become a mainstay on this list over the years, each song is its own clear reason why.

43: "Powerhouse" / / planningtorock: I was thrilled to see Jam Rostron return this year. "Powerhouse" is art-pop that feels simultaneously epic and intimate.

44: "Burning With You" / / Woo York: a dark, impeccably made run from one of my absolute favorite electronic albums of the year. I don't know why they aren't on every damn list.

45: "APESHIT" / / The Carters: The song is an absolute banger, and the Louvre video is instantly iconic. I don't know that we can even appreciate how significant this was just yet.

46: "Work It" / / Marie Davidson: If you don't immediately feel it, find a way to hear it on a dance floor, then we'll talk.

47: "Girl of the Year" / / Allie X: Allie X has been on this list before, and it's only a matter of time before she's as big as she deserves to be.

48: "Samaritans" / / IDLES: a growling, punk dismantling of toxic masculinity with a gut punch.

49: "KidultHood" / / Chelsea Reject: A beautifully conceived song from a voice you should know.

50: "Take It All" / / Helena Deland: Slow-burn intensity that feels nearly ritualistic, from the "Series of Songs" run that finds Deland on a tear.

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