Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Pop Candy Arcade: The Songs of 2018, Pt. 3 (51-75)

51: "Helix" / / Kelly Moran: It never sounded like this when I played piano, an experiment that glitters in every way

52: "Warrior Dance" / / Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids: How about some cosmic jazz with your weekend afternoon?

53: "Salt in the Wound" / / boygenius: A perfect, seamless collaboration from Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, and Julien Baker.

54: "One of the Girls" / / Otha: I know almost nothing about Otha, other than that this song kills. It is a bop.

55: "Transition 2" / / Joy O + Ben Vince: A train barreling across the floor, a hypnotic beat.

56: "XYZ" / / Flasher: My favorite representative from an album that feels fully-formed, comfortably lived-in, and yet totally new and refreshing all at once

57: "Charcoal Baby" / / Blood Orange: There are very few working artists who can take difficult topics/complicated concepts and shape them into something as beautiful as Dev Hynes can.

58: "Swimming Pool" / / Anna Calvi: A massively seductive song from an artist who has mastered the deft shift from quiet to high drama. Transportive, and probably not the only track from Hunter that will be appearing here.

59: "Open Road" / / Exploded View: From one deeply cinematic track to another, this is a dream state.

60: "Sleep" / / Hatchie: This song is an explosion of dream pop glitter over an 80s prom scene, and dear god I am here for it

61: "Oom Sha La La" / / Haley Heynderickx: I flashed back to the experience of 1st hearing Courtney Barnett a few years back, not only bc of the garden image, but bc of the super smart writing and approach to a mounting anxiety

62: "Hot Salt" / / Audiobooks: This is a duo that inspires automatic fascination and I am maybe obsessed with Evangeline Ling's off-kilter vocals.

63: "Black Box No Cops" / / Fit of Body: Ryan Parks seems to pioneering Skate House as a genre, and I'm here for it.

64: "Nice For What" / / Drake: There's been a lot of Drake drama this year, but I make no apologies: this song remains a good time.

65: "50 Euro to Break Boost" / / Skee Mask: Hello. Sometimes it's very hard to describe electronic music. This is one of those times. It's a placid surface, a horizon, a good sound?

66: "Freak 4 the Kick" / / Sink Ya Teeth: Flawless production on a dance track that sounds like an instant classic, like a thing you've always needed.

67: "The Gift" / / Wand: Shimmering guitars build to a feverish swell, everyone wins.

68: "Catalyst" / / Tess Roby: Big, sweeping, elegiac synth-pop that's positively haunting.

69: "Touchscreen Navigation" / / Rae Sremmurd: I have developed a giant soft spot for Swae Lee that I can't begin to explain. I'd put "Guatemala" on here too, which I love, but it's a little too close to last year's "Unforgettable" so, this.

70: "Dr. My-Ho" / / New Optimism: Cibo Matto's Miho Hatori picks up a solo project that is what you want it to be: big, eclectic, experimental pop.

71: "Dormant" / / Borusiade: The best kind of uncompromising doom. A big mood.

72: "Controller" / / Channel Tres: This is actually the one true song of the summer.

73: "Nont for Sale" / / Sudan Archives: and the 2018 award for best use of a violin goes to...

74: "Love in the Time of Lexapro" / / Oneohtrix Point Never: I'll take the full sonic anesthesia plz, thanks.

75: "Signs" / / Holy Motors: A four minutes swoon.

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