Friday, January 4, 2019

Pop Candy Arcade: The Songs of 2018, Pt. 4 (76-100)

76: "Send to Robin Immediately" / / Robyn: Let's enter NYE with a block of pure pop, shall we? Beginning with a 2nd dose of Robyn, this propulsive track to catch you in your feelings.

77: "Body" / / Glowie: This is a hit. This is a bop.

78: "Party for One" / / Carly Rae Jepsen: We're all waiting for the next album, but this one massive song a year is working out ok, too

 79: "Cherry" / / Rina Sawayama: Sawayama continues to big giant, glossy tracks that find and isolate the art in aughts pop while reimagining it for the current moment.

80: "thank u, next" / / Ariana Grande: An instantly iconic sentiment, a phrase to guide everyone into 2019.

81: "Suspirium" / / Thom Yorke: Hi. I'm a film nerd making a music list. Did you think this WOULDN'T make the cut? Please.

82: "All the Stars" / / Kendrick Lamar + SZA: And on that movie note, this has every right to a jam of the year title and I do not know what's going on with its absence from so many year-end lists.

83: "Be Released" / / Virginia Wing: A hymn for the New Year, "Tell me: where do you go from here?"

84: "The Floating World (& All Its Pleasures)" / / Loidis: A "microhouse" sprawl that clicks and ticks away into a mood.

85: "Glory" / / Gazelle Twin: This song (and album) probably would have scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. It FEELS dangerous, anxious, and a bit grotesque. So, yeah, I'm into it.

86: "Taste in Movies" / / Mr Twin Sister: quietly decadent jazzy-pop with a chorus I'm here for.

87: "Millersdale" / / William Doyle: A solo debut with psychedelic touches and an explosive ascent.

88: "Foundation" / / Public Practice: A promising song from a NY band taking its foundational influences and beginning to tear them down.

89: "Urras" / / Beta Librae: As satisfying a build as it gets.

90: "After Dark" / / International Teachers of Pop: A master class in how to make a playfully killer single

91: "Tranz" / / Gorillaz: The kind of song you make note of on the first listen to the album and then immediately isolate to listen to 20 times in a row, pop you fall into.

92: "Cicada" / / La Luz: Cinematic and dreamy surf-rock, effortlessly cool

93: "Indies or Paradise" / / Anna Calvi: A second track from Hunter because, I told you, this album is aces, is everything

94: "Bombs Away" / / Charlotte Gainsbourg: Our girl returns with a continuation of a subtly baroque synth sprechgesang that just plain works

95: "Evan Finds the Third Room" / / Khruangbin: Endless funk.

96: "Gothenburg" / / Audiobooks: A second track from the Audiobooks, one that speaks to the range of their project, a sound like a totally different band.

97: "Hold That Thought" / / The Brian Jonestown Massacre: If you - for some reason - haven't checked in w/ the BJM lately, do yourself a big favor and listen to Something Else.

98: "Sports" / / Viagra Boys: A song about the simple things

99: "Do You Know" / / Tirzah: Gently looping experimental pop music that deconstructs the love song effortlessly

100: "El Portal Pt. II" / / Anthony Naples: Waves and waves and waves and waves and waves [No, the list isn't done yet]

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